Hand Dryer e901white

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e901white Hand Dryer:


Some electric hand dryers can take more than 30 seconds to dry hands.
The E-901 electric hand dryer works in as little as 10–15 seconds
and users can have their hands dry in a flash.
• Hands feel dry in as little as 10–15 seconds
• The powerful discharge of air on either side of the hand leaves 
moisture dripping and hands dry


Wherever a high level of hygiene is crucial, the high-speed E-901 is the
best solution. Whether it's in a food-processing plant, airport,
restaurant, hotel, or supermarket, the E-901's cost-effective
operation and environmentally friendly design is a must-have for all
types of commercial applications.

• The E-901 works automatically and does not require any contact with
the hands
• There is no need to push a button or stock up on towels or paper 
• The room stays cleaner and tidier as a result of eliminated paper


The E-901 hangs conveniently from the wall with the front panel 
comfortably angled for easy user access. It is modern, comes in a 
variety of colors, and is attractive to the eye.

• The low operating noise level is under 87 dB(A)
• Warm air from the built-in heaters blows at a comfortable temperature
• The E-901 eliminates the need to use paper towels
• The open sides allow for easier access
• The angle and position of the air nozzles prevent any water from 
splashing upward


As the waste water from hands is collected in the unit's drain tank, the
floor and surrounding surfaces stay clean and dry. There is 
nothing to refill or replace (unlike paper and cloth towel dispensers),
and no waste paper to pile up or dispose of. The unit itself is 
designed for optimum ease of maintenance.


Since the E-901 uses less energy compared to other hand dryers, it can 
save you money on both energy spending and operational expenses 
because it's also less expensive than paper towels. After 
installation, the only cost factor is electrical power, which makes the
high-speed hand dryer much less to operate than paper-towel 
dispensers or cloth towel racks.

• The short drying time uses minimal energy compared to other hand 
• It uses as little as 670W of power compared to other hand dryers that 
typically require around ± 2000W